Empowering Startups with Student-Driven Innovation

KTX.co redefines consultancy with our fresh perspective and specialized knowledge of students. We step away from the impersonal nature of generic freelance platforms, offering a hands-on, tailored approach across various disciplines such as Social Media Marketing, Business Strategy, Brand Design, and Programming. Our services are finely tuned to the unique requirements of your business, delivered with clarity and cost-effectiveness that only a student-driven team can provide, guaranteeing your business stays ahead and adaptable for what's next.

Your Needs, Our Expertise

At KTX.co, we understand the unique challenges faced by startups. That's why we've curated a suite of specialized services that cater specifically to your needs, offering cost-effective, strategic solutions delivered by our network of talented students.

Areas of Specialized Expertise:


Social Media Marketing

Elevate your brand with our dynamic social media strategies that engage and grow your audience, harnessing the creativity and digital fluency of Gen-Z.


Financial Planning

Streamline your finances with insightful analysis and strategic planning; we’ll help you make sense of your finances and chart a course for success, paving the way for financial health and business growth.


Strategy Development

Our team specializes in identifying your core strengths and market opportunities to create a strategic plan that sets a clear path for growth, innovation, and long-term success.


Advanced Programming & Tech Solutions

From sophisticated programming to the integration of emerging technologies, we're your bridge to a smarter, tech-forward business model.


Marketing Campaigns

Create Campaigns that resonate and convert with our strategies that are informed by the latest market trends and consumer behavior insights. All through the perspective of Gen-Z.


Graphic & Web Design

Our Graphic & Web Design services deliver visually stunning, strategically crafted designs that enhance user experience, strengthen brand identity, and ensure memorable brand interactions.


Content Creation & Management

We strategize, produce, and manage your content to ensure a cohesive, engaging brand narrative that captivates your audience and embodies your brand's core values.


Pitch Decks

Win investors with our impactful pitch decks. They're designed to succinctly showcase your startup’s strengths, market scope, and investment appeal, ensuring you stand out in the funding landscape.

Transparent, Trust-Based Partnerships

We believe in transparency and building lasting relationships. Our process ensures clear expectations regarding costs, timelines, and deliverables. With KTX.co, experience a partnership that's rooted in trust and geared towards exceeding your goals.

Continuous Innovation and Support 🛠️

We go beyond one-time projects. For tech-based solutions, we offer ongoing support, ensuring that your startup continues to grow and innovate without any skills gap.

Partner with KTX.co

Embrace the transformative potential of strategic consulting. Connect with us to tailor a consulting solution for your startup's unique journey.

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